Assembling Papirus

Do assemble Papirus before you do anything else. I was impatient, and glued the screen in place before doing my soldering. Well, those little glue pads are strong. Very strong. And I broke my screen trying to remove them so I could finish soldering.


The software that is currently available is buggy, so installation has to be done somewhat by hand.

The explanations that got me going are to be found here:

Many thanks to Frederick for getting me started

Fresh New Jessie:

I started with a fresh Jessie install, expanded the filesystem and followed by the traditional:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install python-imaging

I’ve made a fork of the code, so I could fix some issues. One file has an indentation error. If you take this repo, the (known) errors have been fixed.

git clone
cd PaPiRus
sudo python install    # Install PaPirRus python library

sudo papirus-setup

ls /etc/defaults

you should see epd-fuse in the list

At this point I can confirm that my Papirus is truly broken (when I tried to remove the glue pads) so I can’t develop anymore.

2 thoughts on “PaPiRus

  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by, Frederick! Les also broke his. Very fragile, it would seem. If I get another one, I’ll 3Dprint a case for it, where it will – hopefully – be safe.

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