EdX: 6.00.2x has started

So I just finished this online MOOC MIT class with a 99%.  Only to learn that the follow up class started last week!

And my other class starts next week, and there’s this class I can do on my own… Too many things to learn.

For references here are the links to the classes I will attempt:

Text Retrieval

6.00.2x Course Info | edX

Data Wrangling

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do three classes at the same time. Wish me luck!

MIT EdX Class done…

Another online class done ! This time with MIT and EdX.
MITx: 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Final score: 99%. Yeah, right! I got a 99% from an MIT class! Go me!

That said, the class served as a refresher of some Computer Science principles that I haven’t used in ages. Big-O Notation for one. I get it, I understand Big-O Notation, but I suck at it. I fail to properly identify which is which. I failed that concept when I was in university, and here I am 30 years later, still failing it. Sigh… Somehow, my brain blocks on this concept.

Apart from that, everything was review. It was mostly Computer Science, not even Python. I still think like a C programmer, and not a true Pythonista. And I know it. There were cases where I had to Google the proper Python way to do things, and not the C way. The class didn’t give any feedback on coding style, so I didn’t get the answers that I needed but getting access to Python code afterwards helped.

New Online Class : Data Wrangling with MongoDb

I have just finished my first MongoDb class with Mongo University, getting a B in the class (I missed the A by one point, grr…)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with MongoDb, and I want to keep those brand new shiny skills working. So I looked around and found “Data Wrangling with MongoDb” at Udacity. So I’m starting on that.

Lesson 1 is on CSV and Excel files. That’s where I’m at. Now I’m learning about XLRD. I have to read in an Excel worksheet, and figured out the date where some min and max have been reached.

Looking around the web, I discovered a site dedicated to Python/Excel. Cool! They have a tutorial too!